Giving women hope

Bumi is a line of high-quality, affordable sanitary pads for girls and women. The name Bumi means "life" in a number of Zambian languages. Many women suffer from gynecological diseases caused by poor menstrual hygiene and low-quality pads. Giving women access to high-quality sanitary products can help prevent diseases and can positively impact their health, lives and livelihoods.

Bumi is an innovative, quality sanitary pad that comes in 4 versions. With 6 layers of protection and anion technology, Bumi pads offer dry, breathable and superior comfort during menstrual periods.


with anti-bacterial anion

Regular Flow

without anion

Regular Flow

with anti-bacterial anion

Heavy Flow

with anti-bacterial anion

Unique anti-bacterial anion strip working to relive menstrual discomforts

Ultra soft layer enhances softness & freshness

Super absorbent polymer core locks in moisture and keeps surface dry


Premium cotton smooth surface for ultra comfort

Breathable bottom layer eliminating moisture and heat, keeping you fresh

Specially designed natural back adhesive

Got Questions?

Where can I buy Bumi pads?

From an approved Bumi sales agent, Brekha Investments and Anion shop in Solwezi.

How can I become a Bumi sales agent?

To become a sales agent you have to be approved or a member of a recognised women's group, have attended a Bumi workshop and have undergone basic training about the product.

Why is Bumi different?

Bumi pads are 100% natural and chemical free. They absorb up to 300% more than regular pads with 6 thin layers of protection. There is no plastic in the pads, which allows your skin to breathe. The pads are made with an anion strip inside, which eliminates 99.9% of bacteria and helps regulate vaginal pH and prevent germs.

What is Anion?

Anions are negative ions. These are emitted from a strip inside the pad which releases oxygen to help grow the health flora to neutralise causes of gynecological diseases. The whole process is chemical free.

The Hope Project

We run a project called HOPE, which stands for “Health Opportunity for People Everywhere”. This project works against poor menstrual hygiene, gynecological diseases, menstrual disorders, gender-based-violence and immune disorders from environmental and lifestyle causes.

Spear-headed by our founder Khama Hachunde, we seek to improve the health, lives and livelihoods of women in Zambia. As a police officer, Mr. Hachunde has investigated a large number of gender-based violence cases and found that many incidents were rooted in gynecological problems.

With the HOPE project we aim to educate women of all ages as well as men on causes and prevention of gynecological diseases to minimise grounds for violence.

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